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Golf, Darts and Shooting

Golf Sim Untold Reality Fleet

Golf Simulator

Want to practice your golf skills in a consistent environment? We have the perfect place! Our golf sim will give you all the data to improve your game.

Want a more casual experience, book a session with your friends and take it in turns at the driving range or playing a vast array of famous courses all over the world!

We recommend booking 1 hour per 2 people so everyone can complete the courses.

£30.00 per Hour
£25.00 on Weekdays!


Introducing our latest dart boards featuring an advanced automatic scoring system! Able to use any darts (House supplied or bring your own)


These innovative boards accurately tally your scores in real-time, allowing you to focus on the game without the hassle of manual scorekeeping. Whether you're a casual player or a serious competitor, our new dart boards ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience, bringing a modern touch to a classic game.


Book today to experience modern Dart Throwing!

£30.00 per hour per lane! (8 people per lane)

Darts at Untold Reality in Fleet

Shooting Simulator

Want to test your shooting skills with some friends?

With our setup use the ultra-realistic guns on a range, or a wide variety of games.


Racing Arcade

VR Racing

Our Driving Simulators are run through the incredible RFactor 2 Software and our rigs are top of the range.

If you are new to racing simulators we have a easy setup and this can be configured when you come in. We can turn different assists on and off.

These are run on a VR Headset for the best immersive experience


Recommended Minimum Age = 12    //    Enforced Minimum Height = 160cm

£20.00 per 30 Minutes during Weekday
£30.00 per 60 Minutes during Weekday
£25.00 per 30 Minutes during Weekend
£35.00 per 60 Minutes during Weekend


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