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VR Arcade

Do the things you can't do anywhere else

VR Arcade

Our VR arcade is the perfect experience for first timers and regulars to VR as it contains over 60 games. We believe it has a little something for everyone! 

The Arcade allows you to change game as many times as you like and all from within your headset, maximizing game time!  During a 60 minute session  our customers normally play 3-5 games. 

So whether you want to dodge bullets in super hot or relax under the sea in the Blu, our arcade has you covered! 

£30.00 per hour.
£25.00 on Weekdays!

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Escape Rooms

Our selection of Escape Rooms place 2-6 players in scenarios impossible in reality. You cannot succeed without your teammates, so being able to listen and communicate effectively is absolutely key to success. Players must use teamwork, problem-solving skills and precise timing to find clues and solve riddles. The puzzles will require players to interact with virtual objects in their vicinity and even climb.

Due to complexity of the escape rooms, the minimum age is 12+. With an accompanying adult this can be brought down to 8+, provided they are also playing.

£35.00 per Person
£30 on Weekdays!

Fully Immersive
Flying VR

Experience flying through the sky, try and hit a personal best flying through rings in a gourge!

Explore the depth of the sea with your Scooter and meet the animals in the depths.

Great for a core workout and one of only 3 devices in the UK. We recomend booking for half an hour only due to the body fatigue you may experience.

£20.00 per 30 Minutes
£15.00 on Weekdays!

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